September 4, 2022

A fresh start for September

1️⃣ week to go! There’s 1 week left to join my group and get FREE membership. Buy a six week Countdown course for €50.00 and you’ll receive:  

✅ FREE membership plus 6 weeks for the price of 5 – saving €29.00  

✅ An effective programme rooted in the psychology of slimming, and our famous Food Optimising eating plan, guaranteed to help you achieve your goals.  

✅ Access to the Slimming World members-only website and our top-rated app where you’ll find tones of inspirational success stories, over 1700 recipes, the Slimming World barcode scanner and more!

✅ Motivation, understanding and personalised support, in my group.

Joined as a member in 2014, became a consultant in 2015 & a team Developer in 2018.

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